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”Every day we have the opportunity to create our new normal. A normal which we’re proud of. We are not bound to societal expectations, a job, a relationship or a house. We’re simply bound to the story we tell ourselves. We have the power to change this story. Every single day”.


Cultivating Your New Normal
”I feel like I’m stuck in an unhappy and unsatisfying life – how can I change?” Most of us follow the path that our society shaped for us. We’re stuck in a habitual train before we even know it. But what if we wake up one day and realize that this life isn’t ours? In this uplifting talk, Marloes elaborates on the roadblocks she has overcome in her ever-changing journey to be(come) her most authentic self. She provides do’s and don’ts that help to guide you on your path to self-discovery. Get ready to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Dealing With Mental Health Issues: Healthy Lifestyle Habits
”I’m depressed, anxious or dealing with another mental health issue – I can’t seem to escape the vicious circle that I’m in”. According to the World Health Organization, roughly one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at one point in their lives. Stigma, discrimination and neglect are still keeping us from openly discussing this issue. In this open-hearted talk, Marloes reveals her personal challenges concerning mental health. She empowers the audience to implement healthy lifestyle habits to take back control of their mental health. We need to rethink, reshape and re-evaluate the way we think about mental health.

Going Plant-Based: Invest In Yourself & The Planet
”Why should I transition to a plant-based diet?”. We’re faced with a global health epidemic: one out of four adults is either overweight or obese – it’s expected to affect almost half of our population by 2030. Meanwhile, the economic costs to pay for obesity-related problems are skyrocketing. That’s not all: we’re faced with an environmental disaster too. Deforestation, water scarcity, air/soil/water pollution, biodiversity loss (the list goes on). The common denominator between our health and environmental crisis? Animal agriculture. So let’s tackle this problem by its roots. Let’s invest in ourselves and the planet. By adopting a plant-based diet you increase your health while saving the planet. This talk leaves the audience inspired and provides simple tips & tricks to start your plant-based journey.

Choose With Intention: Sustainable Consumption
”I want to make a positive impact, what can I do as a consumer?”. Plastic pollution, packaging waste, textile waste – all by-products of human consumption. With an estimated world population of 8.5 billion people in 2030 our waste generation will continue to grow. Resulting is detrimental effects for the environment. The solution? Start consuming with intention: choose products that contribute to positive environmental change. Marloes is the Co-Founder of Zero: a Zero-Waste Lifestyle platform that focuses on eliminating product packaging. She provides the audience with simple lifestyle hacks to start their journey on a life with less trash and more intention.

Marloes is also available for workshops and tutorials concerning: personal empowerment, self-growth, sustainable consumption, healthy lifestyle habits and plant-based living. These can complement key-note appearances, TV shows, radio shows or conferences. 

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