Dancing On My Own

PEOPLE / Friday, October 12th, 2018

Dancing on the beath of the night

Dancing my way through life
Always with a smile

My long blonde hair bouncing on the beat of the drum
My pretty face laughing like there’s no tomorrow

Dancing on my own

Dancing so no one can touch me
Dancing my sorrows away

I’m shining, my light comes out
Dancing so no one can steal my thunder

The beat is the rhythm to my life
My feet touch the ground so intensely

My body is moving without me trying
I keep dancing, dancing like there’s no tomorrow

Dancing on my own

I’ve tried dancing salsa
Even the tango and bachata
Believe me, I tried

Suddenly my rhythm changes
My moves are not my own anymore

I feel like my feet are making moves that they shouldn’t
I continue dancing, just for the sake of it

Just to give it a fair try
But somehow, somehow I don’t enjoy dancing anymore

I’ve made a decision
Not because I wanted it, but I needed to

I keep dancing on my own
Dancing like there’s no tomorrow

Love + Peace + Dolphins,

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